April 30, 2008

Bishop Madden has sent us a report on the pastoral visit he and his staff made to our parish last April. The full report runs to 17 pages, with maps and statistics. What follows is a summary of the major observations and recommendations contained in the report. Copies of the full report are available on request in the parish office.

The report makes note of the significant loss of population within the parish boundaries. From 1990 to 2000 the population fell from 20,959 to 14,848, a loss of 29%, even before the widespread demolition undertaken by East Baltimore Development. In the past five years parish population experienced a smaller loss of members, from 262 families to 248.

The report contains many positive observations for the pastor, staff, Pastoral Council, Finance Council and parishioners, including:

Among the recommendations made in the report, we were asked to address the following this year:

(The parish has already begun to implement these recommendations. You will be hearing more about them in the coming weeks.) In a summary statement, the report says: “The Visiting Team was very impressed by the energy and commitment of the Pastor, Corporators, Staff, Pastoral Council, Finance Committee, and other lay leaders at St. Wenceslaus parish. We appreciated the obvious pride in their church throughout our visit and also the commitment to improving the ministries and operation of their faith community. The Urban Vicar and his staff are pleased by this optimistic spirit and wish to encourage the St. Wenceslaus community in this regard.”